About Us

The great deal of attention that has recently been focussed on the Health sector has fundamented the opportunity of operation and creation of an enterprise whose mission is to provide a wide range of products to meet the varied needs of this market, bringing benefits to this segment while being able to operate in much of its Supply chain both directly and indirectly. Thus, it is in the year 2014 that Salk Medical is founded, having as its main business obective the provision of excellence and variety to the health sector.


To provide the market with a broad range of health-related products and services delivered through innovative and efficient resources. To develop responsible partnerships and achieving a sustainable business model. To be the pride of our employees.


To be acknowledged as leader in providing excellence and innovation in attending our customer’s needs.


To act with transparency, respect and reciprocity in all human relations in order to attain a high level of organizational performance in innovation.

  • • Transparency and respect: to mantain a high ethical standard.
  • • High performance: innovation and ongoing improvement
  • • Culture: Innovation-friendly environment.


Headquartered in Curitiba´s metropolitan area,Salk Medical displays an industrial complex of around 22.000 square meters of which 2,400 square meters of built area include administrative block, storage and docks for receiving and dispatching cargos. It is equipped with ERP logistics management software in order to ensure that their customers receive their requests in the agreed time and quality.
The company has a policy of continuous improvement and qualification of its employees and maintains a close relationship with its customers, while promoting a philosophy of constant innovation bringing a variety of solutions to the market.


Salk Medical has Good Storage Practices and Distribution of Health Products Certification, awarded by ANVISA. This certifies compliance with RDC No. 59 : 2000 which ensures the integrity of its products and processes. Quality Management System meets the current legislation as it was implemented in accordance with the requirements ISO 13485 : 2004 – Health Products .

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Business units

  • Manager
    Efficiency in administrative management.
    Valuing quality of life and well-being
  • Salk
    Provision of excellence and variety for meeting the market needs.
  • Salk Fitness
    Provision of excellence and variety for meeting the market needs.
  • Dayko
    Provision of efficient transformation services in a timely and precise fashion.
    Solutions delivered.
  • Mendel
    Efficiency in technological solutions in a timely and precise fashion.
    Health Solutions.